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21-Sep-2017 12:39

I use this site to learn about the latest stuff out, not double back on stuff that's years and years old and that most of us should have heard about by now.

And Ralphus, if the site is getting 1200 hits a day, that should tell you that you're not wasting your time.

It's just my take..., which is due to be released straight to DVD sometime before the end of the year, probably around Halloween.

It has been rated R for strong bloody sadistic violence and torture, sexuality/nudity and pervasive language. Insomniac - there may be another red flag on "Hostel III" - direct to video - of course that's a double edged sword so you're right, we will wait and see - thanks for the heads up.

If this site started getting flooded with posts about stuff that hardly even qualified as GIMP material, I'd be on here a lot less because it'd be too much to muddle through.

If you want quality then you'll have to accept that there will be fewer posts.

To Jane and Margot: I have been eagerly anticipating Maleficarum, that I mean I CAN'T WAIT. Or how about a branding crucifixion stretching combo from Day of Wrath? ------- Sloth wrote: ...speaking of our friend Brutus - have you heard from him - he seems to have taken an extended hiatus and I miss his input.

Incredibly sexy women (check), actual uncut naked torture scenes (check), and a NAKED BATS SCENE!!!! I checked the archives and saw that he posted frequently in early July, but then disappeared from the board.

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Anyway, I'm not trying to rile things up here so I hope I don't get too many angry responses.Nia - I'll just say ditto to what A Canadian, Yik Yakker and the others have said - I think you'll find this is a rather accommodating bunch of sick twisted perverts.