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Garstang excavated a collapsed double city wall on the summit of the tell that he dated to the late-15th to early 14th-century B. Garstang concluded that City IV came to an end about 1400 B. E., based on pottery found in the destruction debris, on scarabs recovered from nearby tombs and on the absence of Mycenaean ware.

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The first documented excavation was undertaken in 18 by the famous British engineer Charles Warren.On the seventh day, to the blast of the ram’s horn, the walls came tumbling down.The Israelites rushed into the city and put it to the torch.A Neolithic settlement at the site goes back to about 8000 B. E.,* thus giving Jericho the distinction of being the world’s oldest city.

At 670 feet below sea level, it is also the lowest city in the world. From Jericho one has access to the heartland of Canaan.Any military force attempting to penetrate the central hill country from the east would, by necessity, first have to capture Jericho.