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28-Nov-2017 18:03

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In Crete and Cyprus, earrings were embellished with twisted gold wire, clusters of beads, and pendants stamped out of thin sheet gold.

Glittering girandoles and pendeloques, visually tied to the ears by stylized ribbon bows of diamonds set in silver, effectively balanced the high, powdered hairstyles of the period.Disk earrings, with pendants in the form of amphorae (ancient Greek jars), figures of Eros, and decorative beads and chains, were another popular form, joined about 330 by twisted gold hoops with animal-head finials.All of these forms were stamped out of thin sheets of gold and decorated with fine palmettes, scrolls, and flowers in twisted wire and granulation; such earrings were fairly light in weight, but gave an extremely rich effect.In Europe, earrings virtually disappeared between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries, as hairstyles and headdresses that completely covered the ears, and later high ruff collars, made them impractical.

Earrings finally began to revive in the late sixteenth century, as ruffs gave way to standing collars.

Male celebrities hitting the half-century mark this year include actors Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, Russell Crowe, Matt Dillon and Keanu Reeves.

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