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However, can we intellectually justify this non-negotiable feeling and belief we have?

Islamic theism has the intellectual tools to justify the truth of our …

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No God, No Value We all strongly feel and believe that human life has ultimate value.

The following abbreviations are used for parts of speech: adjective adj., adverb adv., auxiliary verb aux., conjunction conj., noun n., preposition prep., pronoun pron., verb v.

In between the tears there was confusion and sadness, and yet he remained hopeful that, ultimately, his name will be cleared. I knew them for less than 72 hours and in that time frame, they went to bat for me. Once we had our little scene or whatever..were getting ready to get lined up because Chris Harrison was coming to speak to us. Then we go up to Chris and at this point we're just all drunk. You know if you're Drake in Paradise, you're going to leave early. That's why I like Corinne because she's the kind of girl where she feels like she's like her and Beyoncé are the only two people in her world…. A lot of people's lives were on the line, like a lot of money. If I was to go back it would be strictly for her, but I don't even know if I am going to go back. Everyone has been extremely supportive, which is wild because I knew a lot of the girls for three days, you know, like 72 hours. Yes, because I want people to see the entire incident and see exactly what happened.

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