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The daughter of the station owner borrowed her fathers T-bird saying she was going to the library, but instead she went cruising on State Street. She came from a typical blue collar family who lived in Inglewood, CA.When the dad found out; he took the T-bird away, but then the Beach Boys took her out for a drive, and therfore she had fun once the T-bird was taken away. She along with Her 2 sisters went to Hawthorne High with Dennis Wilson. You could see as far away as Catalina Island when you drove in from Los Angeles by way of La Brea Ave. Janet, Palos Verdes Estates, California This song isn't about the lyrics at all -- It's just a great recording, musically -- far more dynamic than 'Johnny B Goode' or the Beatles for that matter.The Beach Boys wrote most of their songs about growing up in the south bay in those days.I used to use a program called bluewave offline mail reader back in the old BBS days of the 80s and early to mid 1990s, and it had a function called taglines or signatures which you could put at the bottom of your messages.The amazing part was that the song was written in just a few minutes. This is the REAL fun fun fun girl despite all the hype you hear. The French cover version in 1964 changed the scene of the crime from the hamburger stand to smoking cigarettes -- so it wasn't about T-birds or hamburgers either.The girl has since made many appearances on TV, usualy when the Beach Boys are playing somewhere in the State. It was still the same song, just not nearly as well done.

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At the same time, a city official, the mysterious Kabapu, has hired Excel's next door neighbors to form a counter-insurgency team that will inevitably come into conflict with the forces of ACROSS.As one member of the fan community has said: " Japanese puns that only the Japanese would get.