Lunesta power sedating oldest rocks on earth radiometric dating

09-Dec-2017 13:44

I've been thinking a lot about this since hearing that Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia so chronic that his doctor had to resort to Propofol, a surgical drug normally administered in a hospital setting under the watchful eye of an anesthesiologist. Whether it's an inability to muzzle that voice in our head relentlessly broadcasting our to-do list, or simply a cultural by-product of an overworked society, millions of us are eager to hear from the light bulb.

The doc might as well have hit poor Michael over the head with the proverbial hammer. Michael had many, many problems, but in the end it may very well have been his insomnia that killed him. Adhering to so-called "good sleep hygiene" like no napping during the day, no caffeine after noon and no TV in the bedroom? The dictionary tells us an intermezzo is a short movement in a longer musical work, similar to an interlude.

Benzodiazepines shorten sleep latency and reduce the number of awakenings and the time spent in stage of wakefulness.

All benzodiazepines are controlled substances in schedule IV.

As a sedative aimed specifically at bringing on sleep, Lunesta falls into a specific category of sedatives called sedative-hypnotics.

The drug’s manufacturers recommend that the drug is taken on an empty stomach, as this aids the speed of its absorption.

I can understand this, because there are nights when I'd gladly pop a few Propofol if I could buy it at CVS. Both words are synonymous with the word "break" -- as in the cry heard 'round the world from tortured insomniacs: "Give me a break!

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