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25-Jul-2017 10:42

On the other hand I must say Levon got away with win again and to go all the way he must improve his game. ) moves played that change the evaluation either from winning to drawn, or from drawn to winning.

The official commentators Keti Tsatsalashvili and Ivan Sokolov chat with Sagar Shah If you look closely at the position you will see that you can always force the black king to g6 with a check.

| Photos: Amruta Mokal Everyone uses Chess Base, from the World Champion to the amateur next door.

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Instead of disturbing the final position, the Arbiter could place a simple non-chess-piece object onto the board, to indicate Game over.

Perhaps a single standard 6-sided dice could be set to 1=White won, 6=Black won, 3/4=Draw.

9/26/2017 – In the third game of the finals of the World Cup 2017, Levon Aronian came up with an interesting idea in the Reti.

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