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24-Nov-2017 11:34

He did have woman's clothes in barefoot friends in his apartment but I find this story hard to believe solely based on how much he's been working.And that anyone would put up with him for more than a week without being paid to do so.Two additional pictures below of him in uniform with his training unit highlights how he still looks like a movie star among us mere mortals, lol.Glad he’s doing well in training and good luck to his continued healthy and hearty army life.Kim So-hyun is a very talented South Korean actress known for her roles in many successful films and TV shows.This biography profiles her childhood, family, personal life, achievements, and other facts.If only I could have disclosed those pictures on the net.

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It was a pity that I could not show you all of them.Singer Kim Hyun Joong is facing a lawsuit for alleged assault and battery.Recently, Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend “A,” whom he has been dating for two years, pressed criminal charges against the singer for repeated instances of assault and battery between the period of May and July of this year.In related news, Kim Hyun Joong is flying out to Bangkok, Thailand today (August 23), for his “2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour” performance tomorrow. i know others in korean entertainment have gotten away with crimes on par with this...i think they were bigger stars.

Source : soompithis is sickening, handing in my stan card. i don't think his career in korea will survive guilty or innocent.Kim Hyun Joong has yet to be questioned, but reports say he will be summoned for testimony soon. He wasn't even my bias in SS501 so I never really cared for him much and now I have even less of a reason to care about him because this is horrible *shrugs* if its true....i have no words..is just scummy of him.